Alocasia is also known by the common name elephant's ear. These popular houseplants get their name due to their enormous heart-shaped or arrow-shaped leaves they produce from tuberous rhizomes. Many species in the genus are prized for their prominent veins, giant foliage and variegation.

      These fast-growing tropical aroid species naturally grow large leaves to soak up the sun under rainforest canopies. You can grow alocasia outdoors, but they need warm and humid conditions that mimic their native habitats, that's why it's best to grow them in homes that can offer the temperatures, filtered light and humidity that they need to thrive in our house. Some plant enthusiasts move their Alocasia houseplants outdoors during the warmer months and move them indoors when temperatures drop.

      Some examples of Alocasia are: Alocasia Jacklyn, Dragon Tooth, Variegated Bambino, Silver Dragon, Alocasia Poly, Frydek and more.

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