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Alocasia Bambino Variegated (Pink)

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Variegated Alocasia Bambino Pink

The variegated leaves of Variegated Alocasia Bambino are what make this tropical plant so unique. The leaves are green with white or pink variegation, and they have a glossy, waxy texture. The plant produces small, inconspicuous flowers, but it is mostly grown for its decorative foliage.

The Pink Alocasia Bambino Variegated showcases stunning variegation with its vibrant green leaves adorned with unique patterns of creamy whites and soft pinks. Its compact size and charming foliage make it a perfect addition to any indoor space, whether you place it on a desk, shelf, or as a centerpiece.

With its medium maintenance requirements, the Pink Alocasia Bambino Variegated plant is an excellent choice for plant lovers of all levels. It prefers bright indirect light, a well-draining soil mix, and regular watering with proper drainage to keep this beauty thriving.


Here are some quick tips to understand the Pink Variegated Alocasia Bambino's basic care:

Botanical Name: Alocasia 'Bambino Pink Variegated'

Another name: Elephant Ears

Genus: Alocasia

Plant type: Medium to fast growing depending on light

Exposure to sunlight: Plenty of bright indirect light

Soil type: Well-draining and very chunky soil

Color: Green and pink-to-white variegation

Water: Dry out between waterings, but water regularly

Favorable climate: Warm & humid

Preferable Fertilizer: Liquid fertilizer

Propagation: Corms that grow in soil

Toxicity warning: Toxic if ingested

Status: VERY Rare

Height: 1.3 feet tall

Origin: Southeast Asia

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