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Anthurium Pedatum

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Anthurium Pedatum

This plant thrives in a soil mix that is well-draining and has a good amount of peat added. Water it only when the top two inches are dry and provide it bright indirect light for good results. Keep the temperature between 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit (21-32 degrees Celsius), while the humidity needs to be somewhere between 40-65 percent.

Anthurium Pedatum was previously classified as belonging to a very small section of Schizoplacium.

There are seven different members of this section that include: Anthurium angustisectum, A. expansum, A. longissimum, A. palmatum, A. pedatum, A. pedatoradiatum, A. podophyllum. At some point, it was classified in the section Dactylophyllium.

Scientists and botanists will revisit classification of Anthurium sections based on newly collected data. I am unable to confirm which section it is currently classified as at this point.


Here are some quick tips to understand the Monstera Thai Constellation's basic care:

Botanical Name: Anthurium Pedatum

Another name: Anthurium Fingers, Pedatum Anthurium, Anthurium fortunatum

Plant type: Medium to fast growth depending on environment

Exposure to sunlight: Bright indirect light

Soil type: Peat-rich, well-draining soil

Color: Green to yellow in color

Water: Less watering - make sure to dry out

Favorable climate: Tropical & Humid

Preferable Fertilizer: Liquid fertilizer

Propagation: Propagation through root division

Toxicity warning: Toxic if ingested

Status: Rare

Height: 3ft tall

Origin:  Araceae family native to the western slopes of Andes in Colombia

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