Anthurium Vittarifolium
Anthurium Vittarifolium
Anthurium Vittarifolium
Anthurium Vittarifolium
Anthurium Vittarifolium
Anthurium Vittarifolium

Anthurium Vittarifolium

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Anthurium Vittarifolium Origins:

Anthurium Vittarifolium is a striking tropical plant native to the rainforests of Colombia. Characterized by its elongated, glossy leaves that can grow up to 2 meters in length, this plant is a standout in any garden or indoor space. It is often misspelled as "Vittariifolium," but should correctly include two "i's."

When mature, Anthurium Vittarifolium boasts deep green, matte leaves that are textured like a leather belt. The leaves feature a prominent midrib and long petioles, and the plant is known to produce new growth frequently under optimal conditions. Additionally, it is known to have a large root system that may require frequent repotting.

Once it reaches maturity, Anthurium Vittarifolium may begin to produce inflorescences and self-pollinate. The resulting berries are pinkish-red in color, and the seeds are relatively easy to germinate.

Anthurium Vittarifolium Care Guide:

  • Light: Bright, indirect light is preferred. Avoid direct sunlight.

  • Soil: Use well-draining, chunky, aerated soil and top dress with sphagnum moss.

  • Watering: Water once every 3 days to keep the soil slightly moist, but do not let it dry out completely.

  • Humidity: The plant thrives in humidity levels higher than 70%.

  • Temperature: This plant prefers warm temperatures between 65-85°F (17-29°C) and should be protected from frost.

  • Fertilizer: Apply a slow-release NPK 13-13-13 fertilizer every 2-3 months

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