Lemon Lime Maranta (Prayer Plant)

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Maranta Leuconeura (Lemon Lime Prayer Plant) The scientific name, Maranta, refers to an Italian botanist, Bartolomea ...



Maranta Leuconeura (Lemon Lime Prayer Plant)

The scientific name, Maranta, refers to an Italian botanist, Bartolomea Maranti (1500-1571). 

The specific epithet, Leuconeura, is from the Greek words, leuko and neural, meaning “white string” and is a reference to the plants’ vivid leaf veins. The varietal name, erythroneura, is Latin and means “red veins”.

Lemon Lime Maranta Care Guide:


This Lemon Lime Prayer Plant prefers bright indirect light such as a north-facing window. If put too close to a south-facing window it could burn the foliage. Make sure to test over a couple of days what works best for your indoor environment.

Temperature / Humidity:

This type of Prayer Plant prefers to be consistently warm (60 degrees Fahrenheit to 75 degrees) so that it can mimic their original habitat. These houseplants prefer high humidity levels such as 60% - 75%. You can achieve this by adding a pebble tray, placing them in a greenhouse, grouping your plants together or using a humidifier.


 The best water in order for these Maranta are rainwater, distilled water, filtered water or bottled water. Maranta's tolerance for chemicals like chlorine found in tap water will eventually turn the tips of your Lemon Lime's foliage brown. 


The best Prayer Plant soil is a light, airy, peat-based potting mix so that water can drain thoroughly, but keep the soil consistently moist. If you let the soil dry out too much, the tips of the leaves on your Maranta will curl and turn brown.


These Maranta have beautiful white or purple flowers that come out as a long, slim stem and last for a week or so if condition are good.


A good quality water soluble houseplant fertilizer mixed at half strength will keep your Lemon Lime growing, producing big leaves and happy.

Where To Buy Lemon Lime Maranta Prayer Plant?

You can buy your Lemon Lime Maranta at our Plant Vault website or in person through a showroom appointment located in Encinitas, California.

Lemon Lime Maranta Specifications:

  • In 6" Nursery Pot
  • Planter not included

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