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Pink Variegated &

'Nono' Pink Variegated Banana Musa

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Musa 'Nono' pink variegated Banana Musa

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This tropical plant is a gorgeous pink variegated variety with variegated foliage and edible fruit.  This Musa variety is easier to grow than other variegated varieties such as the white variegated Banana Musa Aeae.

The Nono Musa produces sweet, edible bananas that are smaller in size compared to traditional bananas.


Here are some quick tips to understand the 'Nono' pink variegated Banana Musa basic care:

Botanical Name: Musa sp. ‘Nono'

Plant type: Fast growing

Exposure to sunlight: Full sun to partial shade

Soil type: well drained mix of peat-moss, perlite, orchid mix and charcoal

Color: Green and vibrant pink variegation

Water: Plenty to keep moist, but not waterlogged

Favorable climate: Tropical & Humid

Preferable Fertilizer: Liquid fertilizer

Toxicity warning: Safe for pets

Status: VERY Rare

Height: 6ft+ tall

Origin: Papua New Guinea

Temperature: between 24 – 32C (75 – 90F)

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