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Philodendron Billietiae Starter Plant

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This Philodendron Billietiae starter plant for sale is perfect for anyone wanting to get their own Billietiae Philodendron without breaking the bank. Enjoy growing this houseplant from a small houseplant to a giant foliage plant with the proper care.


  • Botanical Name: Philodendron Billietiae
  • Family: Araceae
  • Plant Type: Perennial, vine
  • Mature Size: 3ft tall, 8in wide (indoors)
  • Sun Exposure: Partial
  • Soil Type: Moist but well-drained
  • Soil pH: Acidic, neutral
  • Bloom Time: Spring, summer
  • Flower Color: Green
  • Hardiness Zones: 9-11, USDA
  • Native Area: South America
  • Toxicity: Toxic to pets


Care Guide:


Light Requirements

  • Bright, Indirect Light: Mimic its natural rainforest habitat for optimal growth.


  • Well-Drained Mix: A blend of indoor potting soil, perlite, and orchid bark or vermiculite is ideal.

Watering 💦

  • Consistent Moisture: Allow the top 1-2 inches of soil to dry out between waterings.

Temperature and Humidity 🌡️

  • Warm and Humid: Keep it between 65 to 80°F and maintain 60-80% humidity.

Fertilization 🌱

  • Balanced Diet: Use a balanced fertilizer diluted to half strength once a month during the growing season.

Easy Propagation Steps 🌱

  1. Cut: Take a stem cutting with at least two nodes.
  2. Root: Place the cutting in water or moist sphagnum moss.
  3. Plant: Once roots are 1-2 inches long, plant it in soil.

Common Issues and Solutions 🛠️

  • Yellow Leaves: Could be due to underwatering, overwatering, or lack of light.
  • Leaf Spots: Usually a sign of fungal or bacterial diseases. Use fungicidal spray as a preventative measure.

FAQs 🤔

  • Is it rare?: The Philodendron Billietiae is a rare to uncommon plant that you most likely won't find at most plant shops or nurseries.
  • Does it climb?: Yes, it appreciates support like a moss pole to grow giant leaves.
  • Is it a fast grower?: Moderately fast under the right conditions.
  • Where can I buy a Philodendron Billietiae?: Plant Vault sells Philodendron Billietiae starter plants and bigger Philodendron Billietiae if you're looking for a more established houseplant.

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