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How to Grow and Care for Cebu Blue Pothos

Caring for Cebu Blue Pothos: Your Comprehensive Guide to Growing an...
Cebu Blue Pothos Care and Growing Guide - For Sale - Plant Vault - Encinitas California

Caring for Cebu Blue Pothos: Your Comprehensive Guide to Growing and Nurturing this Stunning Plant

Native to the Cebu island in the Philippines, the Cebu Blue Pothos (Epipremnum Pinnatum 'Cebu Blue') is a unique variety of pothos that is in high demand due to its amazing impressive foliage. Characterized by thin and silvery green-blue leaves, it's a beginner friendly plant that thrives indoors.

The Cebu Blue Pothos is mostly kept as a hanging or trailing plant, but can become an astonishing mature fenestrated plant if given the right conditions. If you're looking to change it up, you'll want to provide a lot of light and something for it to climb on such as a moss pole.

Cebu Blue Pothos (Epipremnum Pinnatum) - Mature plant growing up and fenestrating


Find a location that receives medium to bright indirect light for your Cebu Blue. This will allow your plant to grow big, healthy foliage and keep it's shiny greenish-blue tint. Unlike other Pothos such as Golden Pothos, these plants do not do well in lower light situations. If your plant isn't growing, we'd recommend supplementing with a plant grow light.


Creating a soil mixture with multiple substrates will allow your Cebu Blue Pothos to keep moist but well draining, which is key to their success. Create your soil mixture by mixing one part soil, one part orchid bark and one part perlite will provide a great amount of drainage which is key to root aeration.


For best watering practices, be knowledgeable on the differences between how heavy your plant is when dry and fully saturated. Another indicator of your Cebu Blue Pothos being dry is when the leaves start to curl. Feel the top 2 inches of soil or use a moisture meter to make sure it's dry before fully saturating and tilting the pot to make sure any excess water is removed.

Temperature & Humidity

If possible, provide your Cebu blue Pothos with extra humidity and a warmer environment which will encourage improved growth. To do this place a humidifier nearby, group your plants together or use a pebble tray.

Is Cebu Blue Pothos Rare?

The Cebu Blue is a rare variety of Pothos that is actually a different species than most other Pothos plants. It's blue-green leaves can reach large sizes and fenestrate (leaves will split) when given room to climb.

Where can I buy a Cebu Blue Pothos?

You can buy a Cebu Blue Pothos from Plant Vault, which is located in Encinitas California or have it shipped directly to you!

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