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Plant Pop: Karli Heineman - Plant Vault

Plant Vault and PlantPop, the perfect Plant Combination! Hey there,...
Plant Pop: Karli Heineman - Plant Vault

Plant Vault and PlantPop, the perfect Plant Combination!

Hey there, fellow plant enthusiasts! I'm Karli Heineman, the proud owner of Plant Vault located in Encinitas California, your go-to destination for rare houseplants that are as unique as you are. When our friends at PlantPop met me at the Tropical Plant International Expo, they couldn't help but be intrigued by my passion for plants and my unconventional journey in the plant world. We immediately clicked and they said, “We have to do a video on you!”

You see, I'm not your typical horticulturist. My surprising background is actually in fashion and marketing, but I have absolutely fallen in love with plants. For me, finding a rare plant is like scoring a designer handbag or a pair of stylish shoes, but with the added bonus of bringing me joy every single day! I'm always on the lookout for the newest plant trends, catering to the hardcore plant collectors who share my love for unique and stunning tropical houseplants.

What makes Plant Vault unique

At Plant Vault, every plant is handpicked by yours truly. I use my keen eye for beauty and a flair for fashion to curate a plant collection worth awing over. Most of the time our customers have a hard time coming in and just buying one plant.

Woman owned plant business

But my passion for plants doesn't stop just there. It's also about creating opportunities for women, something that I take very seriously. Before I dove headfirst into the world of plants, I worked in women's prisons, helping women find employment.

This experience inspired me to involve my two daughters in the business. It was one of the reasons why I started Plant Vault as a female-owned business, empowering women and wanting to foster a growing and inclusive plant community.

Why to shop at Plant Vault

So, whether you're a veteran plant collector or just starting your plant journey, Plant Vault is here to cater to your unique plant needs. From rare finds that will make your plant collection pop, to a personalized customer experience that will leave you smiling, we've got you covered. Join us on this exciting plant adventure, and let's make your home a lush haven of style and botanical beauty!

Ready to add some uniqueness to your plant collection? Check out our Plant Vault website or book an exclusive in person showroom appointment now and let's embark on a plant-tastic journey together!

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