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Cheap Philodendron Florida Ghost for sale - Plant Vault Encinitas California
Florida Ghost Philodendron for sale - Plant Vault Encinitas California

Philodendron Florida Ghost

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Philodendron Florida Ghost is one of the most sought-after philodendron houseplants, and  for good reason. This rare tropical plant is known for its shiny, deeply lobed leaves on hairy red petioles that unfurl ghostly white before eventually darkening to a deep, attractive green. You'll sometimes see variegated versions of this plant, with green patterning against the white on immature leaves. Some specimens whose young leaves emerge pale green rather than white are referred to as Florida Ghost Mint by houseplant collectors.

Philodendron Florida Ghost is a relative of philodendron Florida Green, another hybrid of Philodendron squamiferum x pedatum. Both were developed by Florida botanist Robert McColley in the 1950s. Here's what you need to know to grow and care for philodendron Florida Ghost.

Here are the care requirements for Philodendron Florida Ghost:

  • Humidity:  The Florida Ghost will always like a little extra humidity, but it will be totally fine in normal household humidity levels of around 50%+. To provide some extra humidity to your plants use a humidifier, group houseplants together or use a pebble tray.

  • Watering: Keep your Philodendron Florida Ghost moist, but not wet. Allow the top two inches (depending on your environment) of the potting mix to dry before watering. It’s important to feel the potting mix with your finger before watering to determine whether or not your plant actually needs water. Even though it likes to remain moist, overwatering it will lead to root rot and potentially death of your plant.

  • Substrate: As an aroid, the Florida Ghost wants a well-draining mix. You can use something like an indoor plant potting mix with some orchid bark, coconut coir, perlite and charcoal mixed in, or you can simply purchase a premade aroid potting mix.

  • Light: Give your Florida Ghost Philodendron bright, indirect light. The more bright light you give it, the more it will help the leaves stay white. However, don’t put it in direct light, which could harm the leaves by burning them. If you want to keep the leaves ghostly white, then grow lights are a huge help for providing additional light!

  • Leaf size: The Philodendron Florida Ghost has leaves that are shaped like ghosts. The new leaves will come out creamy white and eventually turn dark green as they mature if the plant is not kept in very bright (but indirect) light. Mature leaves grow to 4+ inches long!

    The leaves also change shape as they mature. Young Florida Ghost leaves will not have any lobes, just small, arrow-shaped leaves. Then, they will grow the extra lobes that turn them into ghosts as they mature.

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