Philodendron Mexicanum 'Latisagittum'

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Philodendron Mexicanum 'Latisagittum' This rare houseplant is an ideal option for home gardeners seeking an exotic, y...



Philodendron Mexicanum 'Latisagittum'

This rare houseplant is an ideal option for home gardeners seeking an exotic, yet easy-to-care-for plant.

It is a perennial, evergreen climbing variety perfect for apartments and offices. This tropical plant has a stunning blend of colors with the new leaves in glossy light green while the mature ones take a deep dark green leathery shade and grow long.

Their undersides are magenta to maroon. On top of that, this is a fairly fast-growing plant given the right care. Now, why wouldn’t anyone want to grow Philodendron Mexicanum?!


Philodendron Mexicanum Care Guide:


The Mexicanum naturally grow in the cover of dense forests, i.e. under the shade of taller trees that act as canopies. Your Philodendron Mexicanum will thrive in bright but indirect light.


Maintaining the correct moisture level is a frequent challenge when caring for Philodendron Mexicanum, with overwatering being the most frequent mistake. Consideration should be given to allowing the soil to dry out slightly before the next watering.


For optimal growth and health, the Philodendron Mexicanum 'Latisagittum' requires a relative humidity of 50%. This species is an epiphytic plant and receives most of its nutrient and water requirements from the roots, leaving higher humidity levels of limited benefit.


For the best results, mimic it's natural environment. The Mexicanum loves warmth and the best growth can be seen near the equator. For these reasons, keep the temperature for your houseplant near 60 - 85 degrees Fahrenheit (15-30 degrees Celsius).

Soil & Growing Medium:

If you are looking to grow your Philodendron Mexicanum in a pot, you can get the best results using rich, airy potting soil that drains well and is high in organic matter.

A combination of peat, moss, perlite, orchid bark, coconut husks and compost makes a good base, but avoid wet, mucky or dry sandy soils.



My soil mix for Philodendron Mexicanum consists of decomposed leaf and bark matter, providing an organic source of nutrition for the plant. Additionally, I use a nitrogen-rich fertilizer to promote larger, healthier growth to further amplify the dog-eared shape.



This Philodendron is toxic to humans and pets due to its insoluble calcium oxalate crystals which is similar to other plants in the Araceae family.

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