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Pink Princess Philodendron   These highly variegated Pink Princesses have multiple plants in one pot and will grow v...



Pink Princess Philodendron


These highly variegated Pink Princesses have multiple plants in one pot and will grow very large and full mature plants.

Philodendron 'Pink Princess' is a fun, ultra-trendy indoor plant. It's loved for its dark green to purple foliage playfully variegated with streaks and splashes of pink. One of the qualities people love most about this plant is that each leaf is different. Some leaves may bear just a few dots of pink or silvery pink, and other leaves may be almost entirely pink. 

It's a relatively slow-growing houseplant, but over time, your Pink Princess Philodendron will grow as a vine. As such, it will come to appreciate a support such as a moss pole, totem, or trellis to keep it upright. With good care, it can reach more than 6 feet tall and show off leaves that reach nearly 12 inches long. 


Pink Princess Philodendron Growing Instructions

Pink Princess Philodendron Light Needs

Grow this stunning variegated houseplant in a spot with bright, indirect light to keep it thriving. It will tolerate medium to low light, but it won't grow as quickly and the pink variegation may fade and not appear as prominently on the foliage.
Tip: It does not need natural sunlight to thrive. It enjoys both natural and artificial light. The pink areas of the leaves lack chlorophyll, so they are more susceptible to sunburn if they're exposed to intense light. Sunburn appears as a bleaching/browning of the leaf.

Pink Princess Philodendron Water Needs

Happily, this vine holds up pretty well if you forget to water it from time to time. But it is somewhat sensitive to being overwatered. Prevent root rot by ensuring the top couple of inches of the potting mix dry before you water it again. If you feel Pink Princess Philodendron foliage, you'll find it has something of a thick texture. This lets it tolerate drying out a bit. Because it would rather stay too dry than too wet, it's best to hold off watering this philodendron if you're not sure whether it's thirsty or not.

Pink Princess Philodendron Humidity Needs

Like many common philodendron varieties, Pink Princess prefers above-average relative humidity levels. That said, it does just fine in average conditions. If you're in an environment with particularly dry air, you may want to boost the moisture level by tucking your Pink Princess in with other houseplants (they release moisture into the air as they breathe, so they can help humidify each other). Or you can give your plant the spa treatment by placing a small humidifier nearby.

Pink Princess Philodendron Fertilizer Needs

Because this is a slow-growing houseplant, it doesn't need a lot of fertilizer. To keep it happy, you can fertilize as little as once or twice a year in spring and summer, if you wish. If you want your plant to grow faster, you can fertilize more frequently. 
No matter how often you choose to fertilize, be sure to use a product formulated for use on houseplants and never exceed the application directions on the product packaging.

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