Syngonium Panda
Variegated Syngonium Panda - Plant Vault
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Variegated Syngonium Panda - houseplants at Plant Vault in Encinitas
White Variegated Syngonium Panda - Plant Vault

Syngonium Panda

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Syngonium 'Panda' also known as Syngonium Podophyllum, is a rare variety of syngonium that has creamy/dark green speckled or blocky variegation. 

Otherwise known as a arrowhead plant, these low-maintenance trailing houseplant are the perfect beginner or easy care plant for your collection! When mature, regular pruning will be required to keep this plant looking tidy unless given something to climb.

Syngonium are widely used in office buildings due to their low maintenance characteristics. Because of its climbing habit, they make the perfect hanging basket on your verandah, bedroom corners and bathroom windows or for terrariums and green walls.

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