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Twisted Cactus / Spiral Cactus

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Twisted Cactus / Spiral Cactus

The scientific name is Cereus Forbesii ‘Spiralis’. Cereus Forbesii ‘Spiralis’ is a shrub-like cactus with amazing yellowish-orange flowers and is native to Brazil. Hybrid breeding between cacti and propagating have led to the Twisted Cactus we know and love today.


Spiral Cactus Care Guide:


Spiral Cacti require plenty of full sun to thrive. We recommend eight hours of direct sunlight a day, but the minimum for these Twisted Cacti should be at least five hours. Peak afternoon sun can cause burning, so make sure to test your positioning before permanently planting.

Since the Spiral Cactus needs a lot of light to be happy, we recommend putting them in a south facing window to achieve the most amount of light possible.

Temperature / Humidity:

Being desert plants, the Spiral Cacti thrive in warm temperatures and low humidity. They are also pretty cold tolerant, but can be effected if temperatures fall below 50 degrees. If you can, bring them in at night if temperatures fall below that in your area.


Since it's a cactus, the Spiral Cactus is extremely drought tolerant. It's much better to underwater than overwater these cacti. That being said, once the soil is completely dry make sure to fully saturate all the soil when you do water.


Whenever you get a plant, you want to mimic the natural habitat it originated from. Use "soil" with a lot of substrates that help improve drainage such as sand, perlite, pumice and add in a little cactus soil.


Large funnelform flowers blossom from late spring to early summer. The flowers open at night and lasting no more than 24 hours, so make sure to be prepared


Where to buy Spiral Cactus?

You can buy your Spiral Cactus / Twisted Cactus at our Plant Vault website or in person through a showroom appointment located in Encinitas, California.

Please be mindful of the weather conditions in your area, as rare plants can be particularly vulnerable to cold temperatures especially during shipping. If the temperature drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit in your location, we strongly advise purchasing a Heat Pack Add-On or consider purchasing the plant when weather is more suitable.

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Extreme cold can cause damage to plants during shipping, potentially leading to wilted or damaged foliage, root rot, or even death. While we take every precaution to carefully package and protect your plants during transit, we cannot guarantee their condition if they are exposed to freezing temperatures during delivery.

We recommend monitoring local weather forecasts closely and timing your plant orders accordingly. Additionally, consider providing a secure and sheltered location for package delivery to minimize exposure to cold temperatures upon arrival.

Please understand that while we strive to deliver the highest quality plants, factors beyond our control, such as inclement weather, may impact their condition during shipping.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in ensuring the safe arrival of your rare plants.

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